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When Drinking Tea, Just Drink Tea - Zen proverb illustration: a blue tenshi teapot, often used in Japan, sits beside two cups of steaming hot tea, next to an open window looking out onto a calm natural scene of trees, hills and a river..

When drinking tea, just drink tea

When drinking tea, just drink tea.

While I sometimes find myself drinking coffee and reading a book with a little background music, the basic idea of this Zen proverb seems sound. Stay in the moment. Don't try to do things at the same time. Focus on what you're doing. Leave the phone in the other room. Avoid continuous partial attention.

This proverb has stuck with me since I first came across it in a NYT article from Michael Pollan in 2009, no longer available online. He later published a summary of much of his food wisdom in his simple, approachable book: Food Rules. Several of them I realised I'd covered in some form here as sketches:

Sketch in the ligne claire art style of Tintin.

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