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Creative Commons Licence

The images and associated explanatory text on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

In short, you're free to share any sketches but not sell them. You must include the source. Adding a link to the site or tagging a relevant social profile is extra helpful.

It's great when people share Sketchplanations, so please use sketches to illustrate your points in:

  • a work or consulting presentation
  • your course
  • your LinkedIn post for your company
  • your Instagram story or post
  • your article on Medium
  • a magazine or newspaper article
  • your email newsletter or the like... long as you give credit. In fact, I'd love you to use them to make a point, help explain something for others, further your career, or teach something to your students. That's what they're for!

More answers are below.

Licence FAQ

Can I use them in my article/newsletter/presentation/LinkedIn post/Instagram business post/course?

Yes. Please include the source. Because content is often reshared, I prefer that you don't remove the Sketchplanations logo from the sketches.

How should I attribute sketches?

If you can add a link, i.e. it's online, this works well, I think:

Image: Jono Hey, Sketchplanations

...ideally with the word Sketchplanations linking to the sketch page as it appears on the site, e.g. to

If you can't add a link, for example, because it's in a book or flyer, then this works well:

Image: Jono Hey,

Context matters when adding sources, so please make it work for you.

Can I translate them and share them in my language?

Yes, please! Make sure to include the original source as above.

Can I use a sketch in my book?

Probably, yes. But please contact me for this, as some sketches have restrictions for printed collections after Big Ideas Little Pictures was launched with my publisher. I expect your publisher may want an image permission request signed in any case.

Can I sell them?

No, not without permission.

If you're thinking of publishing a collection with many sketchplanations, reselling them, or some giant marketing campaign, billboard, selling prints or the like, please contact me at, and we can discuss it.

Do you have high-resolution versions I can use?

Yes. You can use the download link underneath the sketch content on this site to get higher-resolution images if you need them.

Some older sketches may only give slightly higher resolutions when you download them. Feel free to contact me (—I will likely have a higher-res version.

I'm still not sure whether my use case is OK. What should I do?

Contact me at hello@sketchplanations with what you're planning, and I can let you know.

Can I pay you for it?

If the sketches have helped you, great! If you're in a position to support me on Patreon or buy me a coffee, it really helps, but it's absolutely not required. You can also contribute when downloading a high-resolution version if you choose. (OK, perhaps this isn't as frequently asked)

Wait, is it license or licence?

Good question. See here:

Thanks for checking! I appreciate it.

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