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In 2012 my sister bought me a book with a page every day for a year for a sketch. I used it to practise my drawing.

When I finished it I needed a new challenge. So I set myself the challenge of explaining something with a sketch — as explaining is a handy skill. Over 2013 -14 I posted one sketchplanation a day. Since then I switched to one per week, and the quality improved.

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I draw them using Sketchbook Pro on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. It took me a long time to go all fancy and digital, and I still kind of miss the analogue touch of the originals (last pen and paper one).

The original ones are drawn in Moleskine storyboard sketchbooks (quite hard to find in stores). I used three Uniball Vision Elites and a Copic marker for the grey. I think it is the best combination of pens there is.

At it’s best, making sketchplanations looks a bit like this:

I’ve had a few requests for creating a coffee table kind of book of them. If anyone is able to help connect me to the right places, or a service that can produce them at a reasonable price. Please get in touch.

I run product at Zen Educate and previously ran UX and design at Nutmeg. Find more about me at or see Jono Hey on LinkedIn

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