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Climate Anxiety illustration: a disconsolate figure on the left ponders the scale of the climate emergency picturing scenes of widespread drought and flooding. Having considered this predicament, they become motivated and defiant realising that one thing they can do is take some action - no matter how small.

Climate anxiety

Climate anxiety is the background stress and dread caused by thinking about the state of the climate of the planet and where it's going.

While talking on a walk with our 9-year-old, he suddenly said, "Well, what does it matter anyway? We've messed up our planet and it's filling up with plastic." This is a mighty burden to bear for a 9-year old. With increased awareness and education across society, climate anxiety is real.

One good thing, however, is that one way to alleviate climate anxiety is to be taking action, and fortunately action is also what the planet needs, too.

One small action I take is a commitment to plant 5 trees each month with Eden: People+Planet for every person who supports me on Patreon at any financial level. A small contribution could also see you plant 60 trees a year. Together, I think we can make a difference.

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