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Solvitur Ambulando illustration: this phrase from Greek philosopher Diogenes, is represented by an individual walking a winding route around a large open space in nature. When they set out, the thick, dark scribble above them represents a jumbled mind of thoughts. In the distance, about half-way around the scribble is fading. And as they reach the end of their walk the shining lightbulb above them signifies clarity of thought. Translated from Greek, Solvitur ambulando  means: "It is solved by walking".

Solvitur ambulando

Solvitur ambulando: This phrase from the Greek philosopher Diogenes translates more or less to ‘it is solved by walking’. And, indeed, there is something about walking that helps both clear the mind and think clearly.

Try a walk to get a different perspective on a problem when you’ve been banging your head against one sat at your desk. Or try a walking meeting with the bonus that you get a bit of exercise in too.

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