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RACI framework illustration: A family making a sandcastle highlights who is Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed


This acronym acts as a handy checklist to consider and clarify roles and responsibilities for projects. You could even build a table — a Responsibility Assignment Matrix —  with what needs to happen and the people who are involved identifying what relationship each person has for each task. In particular, sometimes making it clear who doesn’t have a say can be the most helpful thing to do. It breaks down somewhat like this:

  • Responsible
    Who will actually be responsible for doing the task.
  • Accountable
    Who is accountable for it being completed and achieving its goals.
  • Consulted
    Whose opinion will be sought for the task, though they won’t be doing it themselves.
  • Informed
    Who doesn’t get a say in the task, but will be kept informed of how it’s going.

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