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The Finger-dip Test illustration: a finger is pushed into the soil of a healthy, green houseplant down to around the first knuckle. Where the soil is found to be dry, the owner of said finger tops it up with water. Where the soil is found to be moist, they sit back and enjoy a good book in an armchair next to the plant.

The finger-dip test to not overwater houseplants

Probably the biggest killer of houseplants? Overwatering. So I love this simple tip known as the finger-dip test, or the knuckle test, to determine if your plant needs watering. Sadly, it came too late for many of my plants, but perhaps not for yours.

Just dip your index finger into the soil near the stem of your plant up to about your first knuckle. If the soil feels dry, and your finger comes out clean, then it’s probably time for some water. If the soil around your fingertip is still moist then it’s time to sit back next to your plant with a good book and enjoy it.

I learned this from the good people at Patch Plants and their resident plant expert Alice Vincent (@noughticulture).

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