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Big Ideas Little Pictures

Book cover for Big Ideas Little Pictures book of sketchplanations by Jono Hey

Early reviews for Big Ideas Little Pictures

"This is such a cool book. The range of Jono’s knowledge is astounding, and so is his ability to digest complex ideas into deceptively simple drawings. You’ll learn something on every page—and be entertained too."
— Bill Gates

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At last Sketchplanations in a book! In Big Ideas Little Pictures, Jono Hey collects together over 130 inspiring, funny and relatable sketches about life. Combining existing and new topics, Big Ideas Little Pictures is a perfect gift of the wisdom and joy of Sketchplanations.

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Big Ideas Little Pictures ISBN 978-1956403572

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More reviews for Big Ideas Little Pictures

"As the world becomes more complex and fraught, the more we need clear and honest pictures to show us a better way. In his marvellous book, "Big Ideas, Little Pictures," Jono Hey gives us the pictures we need. Whether exploring the size of the universe, unpacking the paradox of choice, or illuminating the pure joy of the Golden Ratio, Jono's brilliant sketches make everything make more sense. I can't think of a better gift for my mind, and yours."
— Dan Roam, international bestselling author of The Back of the Napkin, and Draw To Win.
"Big Ideas, Little Pictures is a magical collection of ideas, concepts, and wisdom—some that I've wondered about and others that I've never thought about before—presented in a clear visual way that makes Jono's sketchplanations a joy to read, reference, and share. It's a fantastic book!"
— Mike Rohde, bestselling author of The Sketchnote Handbook and illustrator of REWORK
"I’m an enormous fan of the wonderful way Jono's sketches bring scientific insights to life for a wide audience."
— Katy Milkman, Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of the international bestseller How to Change
"Brilliant! It distills a variety of complex and profound ideas into simple to understand and beautifully drawn sketches."
— Richard Shotton, author of The Choice Factory
"Jono Hey's Big Ideas Little Pictures is the kind of book that I want to devour all at once, with his brilliantly efficient illustrations breaking down complex ideas—but that I make myself ration to a few pages per day, to give myself time to absorb everything. Either way, it's the best bet I have to make myself seem more interesting as a dinner party guest."
—Brendan Leonard, creator at Semi-rad and author of Make It: 50 Myths and Truths About Creating
"I've loved following Sketchplanations for years. And finally, Jono has brought it all together in this wonderful book. Keep a copy in your home and show it to everyone who comes over."
—Trenton Moss, bestselling author of Human Powered and Founder of Team Sterka
"Jono's delightful book is a fantastic blend of text and visuals, making the topics easy to understand and remember. I found myself eager to turn each page, learning things I had never known before. I love this book and recommend it to anyone looking to enrich their knowledge at super speed with some creativity and fun."
—Jason Barron, author of The Visual MBA
I love this book. It will delight adults, fascinate children and help us all to grasp important ideas.

Want to understand the four horsemen of relationship apocalypse? Or different types of phishing? Or the ten essentials for wilderness safety? Jono Hey’s explanations are brief and clear – but it’s his pictures that stick in your head. Every time you turn over a page, there’s something new. I can’t wait to try out the instructions for skipping rocks like a pro and taking better photographs – and I’ll certainly take up the Dracula sneeze.

I meant to read it slowly, a few pages at a time, but it’s such fun that I kept thinking, Just one more picture and finished it in one sitting. I’m looking forward to re-reading it very soon.
—Gillian Cross, Multi-award-winning children's book author
'Big Ideas, Little Pictures' by Jono Hey is a beautiful and powerful book at the same time. On each page, Jono visualises a complex concept into a clear, engaging little drawing. His sketches don’t just simplify ideas, they bring them to life and make them understandable at a glance. This large collection of concepts, scientific findings and interesting frameworks is delightful and a real testament to the power of communicating through simple visuals. This body of work is even more impressive as it was created by Jono over years of drawing one concept per week. As a fellow visual thinker I'm in love with this wonderful book. It's a joy to dive in at any page, to get drawn in by the pictures and to learn a new fact with every turn of the page.
Eva-Lotta Lamm, Designer and Visual Thinker
"I resent our bedroom looking so messy in the tsundoku sketch."
— Dad

What's inside Big Ideas Little Pictures?


Interested in ordering from other countries?

Please contact me at and let me know where you are. It helps us get distribution in the right places first.

Will there be an eBook?

Yes. There should be a Kindle version of the book when published, but it's not out yet, and it's not nearly as nice on the coffee table.

Do you have photos or images I can use to share?

Yes, I put together a basic media kit. Let me know what else you'd want to see in it.

Is it available in other languages?

Not yet. Feel free to let me know if you'd like it in another language—it always helps to gauge demand. If you work in translating or could help publish in another language, please get in touch.

What is the ISBN for Big Ideas Little Pictures?

The ISBN-13 is 978-1956403572

(ISBN-10 is 1956403574)

What's the picture on the cover?

The picture is my own version of Hokusai's remarkable "The Great Wave off Kanagawa" or just the "Great Wave." Here's the Great Wave at The MET. I once saw the real thing at the British Museum in London. It's small, but few pictures captivate the way it does. Hokusai's wave evolved a lot throughout his life.

Can I buy a print of the cover?

I'm so glad you asked ;o) You can buy prints and other merch of the Sketchplanations Wave.

Let me know if you there's a design you'd like that I don't have.

Got another question about the book? Write to me:

Why a book?

I started making sketchplanations in 2013 by sketching them in actual books. While putting the sketches online has helped them reach so many more people there’s something about browsing through the sketches in a book, phones and laptops away, that makes it the best way to experience it.

Which sketches to include was a challenge. I’m really happy that I’ve selected sketches that will teach you a new thing or two about the world, make you think, inspire you and make you smile. In the process, I added a host of sketches for topics I’d always wanted to cover ranging from How to Win at Monopoly to the Basics of a Good Night’s Sleep.

Big Ideas Little Pictures open page of The 3-Day effect sketch
Big Ideas Little Pictures open double-page of Starting a company sketch from Reid Hoffman
Big Ideas Little Pictures open page of Flow sketch
Big Ideas Little Pictures book on a wooden table
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